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To get a Confirmed Reservations, there are 3-steps to complete the reservation process. Vehicles are not held or reserved until we send a confirmation email.
Step 1: Complete and Submit the Online Rental Request Form Below
  • You - Complete and Submit the Online Rental Request Form below. There is no obligation for completing this form. The Rental Request Form sends us a request to start the reservation process by letting us know who you are, the dates you are requesting for your rental, and your vehicle preference, if any.
  • DFW - Once we receive and process your completed Rental Request Form, within 24 hours, we will email you a Reservation Packet that includes your Rental Agreement which includes your estimated cost, Terms and Conditions of the rental, and addiitional information regarding the rental. You may also select additional options you want to add to your rental.
Step 2: Complete and Sign Reservation Packet
  • You - Review the Reservation Packet. Initial and Sign where requested when you are ready to proceed with the reservation process.
  • DFW - When we see you have completed signing the Reservation Packet, we will send you an email with instructions to remit either your down payment or total balance due. A down payment will be due if it is more than 10 days before your scheduled pickup date. The total balance will be due if it is 10 or less days before your scheduled pickup date
Step 3: Remit Down Payment or Balances Due
  • You - Follow the instructions in the email we send to remit the down payment or total amount due
  • DFW - Once we receive the down payment or total amount due, we will send you a Confirmation Email to confirm your reservation.

Rental Request Form

(3-Day Minimum On All Rentals)