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Rental Tips and Reminders

Click on each section below for helpful information and tips to prepare you for your upcoming rental and during your rental.

Pickup Day and Return Day Reminders
  • Remember to bring your valid drivers license
  • The person named in the Rental Agreement must be present to pickup up the vehicle
  • Make note of your scheduled pickup date and time in your Confirmation Email.
  • Please arrive on time and no earlier than 15 minutes as we may also being performing final preparationss on your rental. Pickup Times are slotted to minimize/eliminate your wait time.
  • If you will be more than 15 minutes late, please give us a courtesy call and let us know as soon as you know and let us know when we can expect you. We may need to reschedule your pickup time if your expected arrival time is not available
  • If you do not arrive at your scheduled pickup time, we will attempt to contact you at the number provided on the Rental Agreement to reschedule your pickup time. If we are unable to reach you, your scheduled pickup time will be forfeited. We will re-scheduled your pickup time once you get in contact with us. As a reminder, there are no refunds for missed time or days of your rental
  • Upon your arrival, please allow approximately 20 minutes to perform a vehicle walk-thru and vehicle check out
  • We will be expecting the vehicle to be returned anytime before your schedule return date/time in your Confirmation Email
  • If you will be returning the vehicle after the scheduled return date/time, please call us and let us know when we can expect you. Additional Hours may be added to your rental
  • If you desire to extend your rental for an additional day(s), please contact us at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled return time for approval. We need to make sure that the vehicle is available for the additional time, that insurance coverage is extended where necessary, and receive remittance of payment for the additional day(s) before we can approve the requested extension. If we are unable to approve your request for extension, you are to return the vehicle at the schedule return time in the Confirmation Email. Failure to do so will subject you to the maximum late return penalty to include the hourly rate plus loss of use until the vehicle is returned
  • Once you have parked the vehicle in our parking lot near where you picked up the vehicle
  • - give us a call and let us know that the vehicle has been returned. Leave a message if we do not answer
  • - remove all your personal belongings
  • - place the keys in the center glove compartment
  • - lock the vehicle
  • - walk around the vehicle and check to make sure all the doors are locked
  • - you may depart
  • - once we get the vehicle checked in, we will send you an email with the status of the check-in
  • The exterior of the vehicle does not need to be washed
Driving and Parking Tips During Your Rental
  • A high curb or a high parking stopper can damage the front/rear bumpers, the chrome wheels and tires, and the running boards and fiberglass panels. Allow enough space between the vehicle and the curb or parking stopper to avoid the costly but easily avoidable damage to the vehicle
  • Remain alert of the height clearance. Do not drive under or below anything lower than the vehicle clearance. The vehicle clearance height is 12 ft for Mercedes and 10 ft Chevy/GMC.
  • Remain alert of the low clearance of the front/rear bumpers and avoid scraping wheels/tires on curbs.
  • Remain particularly alert of height and low clearances as mentioned above particularly when driving in-reverse/backing-up.
  • Avoid indoor parking garages, covered parking, valet parking, and drive-thru's.
  • Extreme heat above 100 degrees is known to have adverse effects on ALL vehicles.
  • Avoid Ethanol blended gasoline with more that 10% ethanol.
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated.
  • Ensure Coolant level is at proper levels by checking the overflow reservoir.
  • Keep Fuel Levels above ΒΌ tank during extreme heat driving.
    When driving large vehicles in the mountain, you can easily overheat the brakes when going downhill. This can create a "shimmy" / "warble" effect or loss of brake control. When going uphill, you can overheat the engine and transmission.

    TO OFFSET THESE EFFECTS - Shift the vehicle transmission from Drive ("D") to a lower gear such as 3 or lower depending on how steep the hill and road conditions. To accomplished this either:

  • Shift the Automatic Transmission from "D" to "3" or lower and adjust as conditions warrant or,
  • Shift the Automatic Transmission from "D" to "M" and using the manual "+/-" toggle to shift to "3" or lower and adjust as condtions warrant

  • By shifting into a lower gear:
  • Going downhill, the engine will keep the vehicle from going too fast and you will use the brakes less, lowering the possibility of overheating the brakes.
  • Going uphill, you will go slower but this will be less stressful on the transmission lowering the possibility of overheating the engine or damaging the transmission.
In Case Of Accident or Vehicle Trouble
    We hope you don't need this but ... Should you have an accident, it is very important that you follow these steps below AFTER you have taken the necessary steps to prevent further injury or property damage.

  • Step 1. Report the accident to the local police. We need an accident report for the insurance company. Remember to get the case number
  • Step 2. Print and Complete Incident Report Form 1 and 2 below. Try to get at least 3 or more witness name and phone numbers if possible.
  • Step 3. Take as many pictures as possible of the accident scene. Use your cell phone if no other cameras are available
  • Step 4. Be prepared to provide your Rental Agreement when asked
  • Step 5. Notify Us As Soon As Possible

  • Upon return of the vehicle, be prepared to provide all documentation requested and review the details of the mishap with us
    We hope you don't need this but ... Should you experience vehicle trouble, it is very important that you follow these steps below AFTER you have taken the necessary steps to prevent injury or property damage.

  • Step 1. Contact your Emergency Roadside Assistance Provider
  • Step 2. Contact us to notify us of the trouble you are having
  • Step 3. If the Roadside Assistance cannot fix the prombem and the vehicle needs to be towed to a service station, have the vehicle towed to the closet Chevy or GMC dealership
  • Step 4. Keep all receipts and provide them upon return. Remember to get our authorization for repairs should the repair be a reimbursable item which is to no fault of your own

  • Upon return of the vehicle, be prepared to provide all documentation requested and review the details of the mishap with us