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Van Rental Questions
All reservations start on the Reservations Page by completing and submitting a no-obligation Online Rental Request Form on the Reservations Page. More information about the reservation process can be found on the Reservations Page. Advanced Reservations are required.
There is no money required to complete and submit the Online Rental Request Form found on the Reservations Page. When we receive your Rental Request Form, we will email you an Online Reservation Packet which includes a Rental Agreement that details your estimated cost for your review at no-obligation. When you are ready to proceed to get a confirmation, initial and sign the documents in the online Reservation Packet. Once we see that you have completed signing the online Reservation Packet, we will send you an email to remit a balance due to proceed to the last step - confirmation. If it is more than 14 days prior to your scheduled pickup date, a $250 non-refundable down payment is required to proceed to confirming your reservation. If it is 14 or less days prior to your scheduled pickup date, the remaining rental balance is due along with a refundable $500 security deposit ( $750 for Mercedes Benz) that is refundable after the vehicle is returned minus any incidentals during your rental.
Reservations are accepted up to a year in advance of your requested pickup date. Vehicles are limited and are reserved on a first-come, first serve basis. Vehicles are not reserved or held for you until the reservation process is completed and a confirmation email is sent. We suggest completing the Online Rental Request Form on the Reservations Page as soon as you know the dates of your rental. As a tip, school holidays tend to bookup early and quickly so it is strongly recommended that you complete the Online Rental Request Form on the Resevations Page as soon as possible for best availability.
Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the scheduled pickup date are issued a full refund of the balance received minus the $250 non-refundable down payment. There are no refunds of the balance received for cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled pickup date. A credit will be issued to you equal to the balance received minus the $250 down payment that will be valid for one year from the cancellation date to be used towards a future rental. The security deposit is refunded for all cancellations.
Here is a short list key requirements that may affect you. The Reservation Packet we email you will contain a Rental Agreement with Terms and Conditions that encompass all the information about the rental.
  • All drivers must be at least 25 years old
  • All drivers must possess a valid driver's license
  • All drivers must possess a valid and current insurance policy
  • The person named in the Rental Request Form must be the same person who picks up the vehicle
  • The name on the Rental Agreement must match the name on the Driver's License, Insurance Card, and all payment transactions
Here is a short list key restrictions that may affect you. The Reservation Packet we email you will contain a Rental Agreement with Terms and Conditions that encompass all the information about the rental.
  • There is no smoking, vaping, or smoke of any kind allowed in the vehicle at any time
  • There are no pets/animals or remnants of pets/animals of any kind allowed in the vehice at any time
  • There is no towing, pushing, or pulling of any vehicles, trailers, or objects
  • Vehicle may only be driven in the lower 48 states of the continental United States which excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Internatioanl travel is not allowed and is strictly prohibited
  • Vehicle may not be used for illegal activites, operated or used in an unsafe manner, or driven off-road
Free Mileage is included with each rental equal to the number of rental days multipled by 300 miles. For example, a 10 day rental would include 3000 free miles. Each additional mile over the included free miles is .25 cents per mile. An Unlimited Mileage Option is also available for $15 per day if you believe you will greatly exceed the free mileage included in the rental.
One rental day is a 24-hour period and starts at the scheduled pickup time and ends that same time the following day. There is a 3-day minimum on all rentals.
Pickup times can be requested and are scheduled 7 days a week between the hours 9am-7pm CST (Mar-Oct); 9am-5pm CST (Nov-Mar) and is based on availability. Returns can be done at any time on the return day. Vehicle returned after the scheduled return time are assessed at the hourly rate for all unpaid time.
Vehicles are picked up and returned at our location. Information about pickup day and return day will be included in your confirmation email when your reservation is confirmed.
Visit our Specials Page to see a list of current specials and promo codes to include on your Online Rental Request Form.
Shuttle Service Questions
All shuttle services requests start on the Shuttle Services Page by completing and submitting a no-obligation Online Shuttle Service Request Form.
More information about shuttle servicess can be found on the Shuttle Services Page.. Advanced Reservations are required.
We provide a driver(s) and vehicle(s) for your shuttle services need. We pickup and transport you and your group from the pickup location to the destination location requested on the Shuttle Services Page. .
Rates posted are for one vehicle, one-way, and are flat rates that include taxes and tolls. When requesting round-trip service, the cost of parking, wait time, etc may be added to your shuttle service as needed. Depending on the number of passengers required to be transported, multiple vehicles or trips may be required adjusting your overall total.
General Questions
Corporate/Business Rates and Plans are available. Email or call with your specific requirements to receive a quote. As a general guideline, Corporate/Business Rates and Plans are provided for multiple rentals or shuttle services trips.
Our vehicles are no better or no worse than any manufactured vehicle when it comes to icy roads. Yes, the additional size and weight provides a better opportunity to push the tires on the road as compared to a smaller passenger car, however, icy roads means no traction. No AWD, No 4x4, No Front-Wheel, No ABS Equipped, No Traction Control safety features help. They all require some sort of surface traction on the road in order to work. Therefore, for your safety, you should not drive in icy conditions and plan your trip accordingly. Observe local authorities directives.

Our Chevy/GMC vans are equipped with ABS and Stabili-Trak. Stabili-Trak is a safety feature that automatically intervenes when it senses loss of lateral traction. Key benefit includes helping the driver maintain control of the vehicle during certain low-traction driving conditions on loose, snowy, icy, wet or uneven road. Click here for more information on Stabili-Trak.

What Are Our Customers Saying...

  • "We loved our trip. The ride was smooth and everyone had plenty of room." - Maria C.
  • "The family loved the big screen. We watched DVDs the whole way and were in Orlando before we knew it." - Lisa H.
  • "The van had plenty of space for the wife and kids and our luggage. Everyone was entertained and I could just enjoy the drive." - Roger S.
  • "My clients were impressed when I picked them up from the airport and chauffeured them around town in the conversion van. Will be renting again" - Steve J.
  • "The roominess in the van was welcomed particularly after getting off a cramp airplane." - Ashley S.